1. Dr. Hamed Salehi:
What makes Common Stations course so unique is that we are the only PLAB2 course which is run by the actual course leader, Dr. Hamed Salehi himself, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in PLAB2 training, and not those who have passed their PLAB2 exam recently.
Teaching the subjects mainly by one person ensures the consistency of input, which is essential to maintaining quality.
It is worth mentioning that, in all other academies, the course leaders teach only a small proportion of the course.
Dr. Hamed has a unique teaching style, which adds more value to the course.
Since he runs the course by himself, he is able to structure the course in a way that students are not overburdened with scattered information. Dr. Hamed is so passionate about teaching. He has been teaching in different fields since he was 17 and he is still doing so today.
He has also contributed to BBC world on medical news, nutrition and sports medicine.
As a rule, in Common Stations, you are not going to deal with a “middleman”. Once you have sent your application form, Dr. Hamed will contact you personally to give you essential support and advice before you start your course. Not only will he teach for 15 consecutive days, but he will also answer all your queries and questions during and after the course, discuss with you your mock exams and will support and guide you till your exam.

2. Teaching Style:
Dr. Hamed’s unique way of teaching has made the course so special and has always been praised by thousands of his students. His classes are interactive and thought-provoking, which can prepare you in the best possible way for the exam ahead.
He knows all his students by name. Being with students on a daily basis for 10-12 hours for about two weeks, asking them questions and analysing them, gives him a great deal of knowledge about their weaknesses and strengths. He tells them how to improve their weaknesses and build on their strengths to get the best possible result in the exam, which is crucial to passing PLAB2.
Not only does he teach you each and every station in detail and in different variations, but he also teaches you how to deal with different situations in the exam. The reason is he makes you fully understand the scenarios and not only memorise them. This enables you to manage any changes in the exam comfortably.

3. NHS Experience:
Dr. Hamed has NHS experience. The design of PLAB2 is based on standard criteria and what you will face in real life here in UK hospitals. Therefore, he strongly believes that having NHS experience is essential in obtaining the required clinical, medical and communication skills to teach PLAB2 successfully.

Dr. Hamed keeps himself up-to-date on the latest guildelines, protocols and research projects. 

4. One to One SimMan Session:
As you probably know, SimMan stations have been introduced to the PLAB2 exam recently and we are glad to inform you that we offer ONE TO ONE SimMan sessions at Common Stations for our dear colleagues. We are also proud to announce that, we are the only academy in the UK which provides you with a SimMan which is exactly the same as the GMC’s SimMan.
Unfortunately, many candidates are unsuccessful in passing these stations. One of the main reasons is that they practise on a SimMan which is completely different from the one they will encounter in the real PLAB2 exam.
It is crucial to learn these stations and to practise them on a SimMan which is exactly the same as what you will see in your exam, the reason being that, different SimMan simulators have got different features and are made for different training purposes.
This is why practising on any SimMan other than the GMC’s SimMan can be misleading and can cause you to fail these  important stations.

5. 18 Stations Mock Exams:
We are the only PLAB2 academy which offers full mock exams, each consisting of 18 stations, with almost 10 minutes’ time for each station just like the actual GMC exam. Unfortunately, other academies’ mocks, either consist of 8-9 stations or they dedicate 6 minutes for each station to be performed. It is crucial to assess your knowledge, skills and abilities in managing different scenarios under pressure, within almost 10 minutes’ time for each station and for 18 consecutive stations.
This will give a better understanding of how the real exam will be as well as help you develop a proper and structured plan for your exam, identify your strengths and weaknesses, improve your time management skills and know how to maintain your stamina throughout. This will reduce exam tension and stress and will boost your confidence.
You will also get detailed individual feedback of your mock test which will reflect all aspects of your performance.

6. High Score Results:
We are proud to say that our candidates score higher in PLAB2 exam compare to candidates of other academies.
Even though getting a high score in your PLAB2 exam may not seem to be an important factor since your PLAB2 score does not count when you are applying for GMC Registration or jobs, we prepare our candidates in a way that they achieve high scores, simply because:
1. We want our candidates to pass their PLAB2 exam comfortably and safely. Aiming for a high score enables our candidates to have less stress, have peace of mind and subsequently be more confident in their exam. If you don’t aim for a high score and only think about passing the exam with a borderline score, you are indeed putting yourself at risk of failing the
exam altogether.
Historically those who fail the exam are those who aim for a borderline score.
2. The way we train our candidates not only helps them pass their PLAB2 exam but also trains them to deal with different OSCE exams in the future.
We are sure most of you are planning to apply for training posts in different specialities in the future and you will face OSCE  exams and interviews when you apply for these posts.
We are proud to say that most of our candidates have been successful in their job interviews and other OSCE exams and achieved their desired career goals after attending our course.

7. Quality Over Profit:
We are the only PLAB2 course which offers only one course per month simply to maintain the highest quality of training provided to our colleagues. Our aim is not to have as many courses and subsequently as many students as possible; our aim is to provide a quality course with the best training possible.
In order to maintain the quality of our course, not only have we decided to run one course per month, but we have also decided to not run any PLAB1 courses in order to put all our focus on PLAB2 thus providing the best training possible to our colleagues.

8. PLAB2 Specialist Course:
We are the only PLAB2 specialist academy. We are the only academy which does not offer a PLAB1 course as we believe that one does not need to attend a course to pass PLAB1.
Our main focus is on PLAB2 solely and we put all our energy and efforts on PLAB2 to maintain and improve the quality of our course. This is unlike other academies in which running PLAB1 courses will subsequently affect the quality of their PLAB2 courses.
Most of our colleagues are from countries with a weak currency compared to pounds so why should we put a heavy burden on their shoulders by encouraging them to take a PLAB1 course when it is not even necessary?
We believe that, PLAB1 exam can be easily cleared with a high score without attending any courses. What other academies do by running PLAB1 courses is simply making business out of overseas doctors.

9. Most Up-to-date PLAB2 Course:
We are the most up-to-date PLAB2 course.
Dr. Hamed is very up- to-date with the UK guidelines and he always keeps candidates up-to-date with the very recent changes in the exam.

10. Individual Support:
We are the only academy which provides individual support to our candidates.
We provide one-to-one support to our candidates as we believe this is an essential factor not only to pass PLAB2 but also to help our colleagues work in a new environment. This includes both educational and emotional support.
We understand that travelling to a foreign county, studying for PLAB2 and working in a new environment could be a stressful process for international medical graduates. Each candidate is a different person with different characteristics who requires different ways of support. We aim to build a friendly relationship with our colleagues, so we can support them emotionally, work on the issues if there are any and boost their confidence.
We do everything in our power to provide a stress-free, calm and friendly environment for them to practise and study.
We assess each and every candidate during the course and focus on their weaknesses and strengths, and we support and guide them accordingly.

11. Guidance After the Exam:
At Common Stations we will go through thick and thin with you to make your PLAB2 journey as smooth and easy as possible. However, this help and support does not stop there and goes beyond the PLAB2 exam.
Even after the exam, Dr. Hamed is available to you and can provide advice and guidance whether it is about GMC registration, job applications or interviews.

12. Most Recommended PLAB2 Course:
We are honoured by our wonderful colleagues as the most recommended PLAB2 course.You may read your colleagues reviews on our Testimonials Page.

We are also pleased to inform you that "Common Stations" is the highest rated PLAB2 institute on Google maps. We invite you to check our Google maps page for testimonials by your colleagues.