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Dr. Hamed Salehi

Dr. Hamed

About Common Stations

My name is Hamed and I am currently working for the NHS. It is an absolute privilege for me to have trained many doctors from all over the world. I love teaching and I have been teaching in different fields since I was 17 and I am still doing so today. Along with teaching PLAB2 to overseas doctors, I also contribute to BBC World on medical news, nutrition and sports medicine.

The design of PLAB2 is based on standard criteria and what you will face in real life here in UK hospitals. Therefore, I strongly believe that working in the NHS is essential in obtaining the required clinical, medical and communication skills to teach PLAB2 successfully.

I run a 15-day PLAB2 course, which is held once a month. We teach all the stations of history, counselling, examination and SimMan on our 15-day PLAB2 course. On this course, all the mannequin stations will also be covered in detail.

The course includes two sets of a full Mock exam each consisting of 18 stations.

Before each set of the GMC PLAB2 exam, I will also run a 2-day Review Course to review all the important scenarios and to keep you up-to-date with the very recent changes in the exam. The Review Course will be free of charge.

After your course you will be able to do Self-Practice at our academy until your exam, at no extra charge.

My students have always wondered why I do not run my courses more frequently. My answer to this question is that if I did, I would have to stop working in the NHS and that means I would certainly not be as useful and helpful as I am today, since the PLAB2 stations that I teach in my classes are all about scenarios which I face in the hospital every single day.

Furthermore, since the exam stations change frequently, I need to keep myself up- to-date on the latest guidelines, audits and research projects, which is almost impossible without being clinically involved in the NHS.

It is worth mentioning that most of our colleagues do not have a clear idea about how this exam works and how they will be assessed by the GMC, until they take the exam themselves. This makes them vulnerable and frightened of this exam so they worry about details which are misguided or simply wrong such as the idea of failing and passing points and this can undermine their confidence.

Having been through this journey myself, I know how to train you well in a few days and how to make it easier for you to pass this exam. You will learn what is really necessary to pass PLAB2 so you can embark on your medical career in the UK.