SimMan, also known as the talking manikin, is one of the most important stations in the PLAB2 exam.

Unfortunately, many candidates are unsuccessful in passing these stations. One of the main reasons is that either they are not privided with any SimMan to practice on or they practise on a SimMan which is completely different from the one they will encounter in the real PLAB2 exam.

It is crucial to learn these stations and to practise them on a SimMan which is exactly the same as what you will see in your exam, the reason being that, different SimMan simulators have got different features and are made for different training purposes.

For instance, where you can feel the brachial, popliteal, dorsalis Pedis or posterior tibialis pulses are in different areas in different SimMan simulators, which are completely different from where the actual pulses should be in a real human being.

Or the speakers that generate sounds, like heart or lung sounds are also placed in different areas and have different qualities in different SimMan simulators.

This is why practising on any SimMan other than the GMC’s SimMan can be misleading and can cause you to fail these important stations.

We are pleased to announce that we are the only academy in the UK which provides you with a SimMan which is exactly the same as the GMC’s SimMan and same as the one you will encounter in your exam.

Those who enrol in our PLAB2 course will benefit from our one-to-one SimMan session, at no extra cost.