Dr HamedMy name is Hamed. I love to teach and I have always been so passionate about teaching. I have been teaching in different fields since I was 17 and I am still doing so today.

It is an absolute privilege for me to have trained many doctors from all over the world.

I have NHS experience and I always try to keep myself up-to-date on the latest guidelines, protocols and research projects.

I have also contributed to BBC World on medical news, nutrition and sports medicine.

The design of PLAB2 is based on standard criteria and what you will face in real life here in UK hospitals. Therefore, I strongly believe that having NHS experience is essential in obtaining the required clinical, medical and communication skills to teach PLAB2 successfully.

I am the only PLAB2 course leader who teaches the classes by himself.

I cover all it’s required from you to pass your PLAB2 exam which includes all the structure of data gathering, management and interpersonal skills. I will teach you the right approach towards different stations and challenging situations.

I’ll train you on how you can deal with history based, counselling based and ethical based type scenarios.

You will also be taught other type scenarios like prescription and practical stations such as manikin, examination and SimMan.

As I explained I train you in a non-scripted method.  

In this way you will learn the right approach, structure, tools, and skills. This is as opposed to the wrong way of teaching PLAB2 exam which is making the candidates memorize the past papers known as exam scripts.

I strongly believe that memorizing the so-called scripts is the wrong way of preparing for PLAB2 exam and that’s why my teaching style is based on a script-free method.

The way I train my candidates not only helps them pass their PLAB2 exam but also trains them to deal with other OSCE exams and to be better doctors in real life.

Having been through this journey myself, I know how to train you well and how to make it easier for you to pass this exam. You will learn what is necessary to pass PLAB2, so you can embark on your medical career in the UK.