SimMan, also known as the talking manikin, is an adult patient simulator which is super advanced and ultra-realistic.

It is commonly used in healthcare training in the UK specially for training of emergency cases.

SimMan is one of the most challenging stations of the PLAB 2 exam.

It can demonstrate a range of clinical features such as abnormal heart and lung sounds, arrythmias, absent pulses, seizure, blinking and reactive pupils, difficult airway conditions including a swollen tongue and shortness of breath etc.

You can also perform a range of advanced procedures on it such as intubation, bag valve mask ventilation and placement of various airway adjuncts, chest tube insertion etc.

SimMan is connected to a monitor so you can see its vital signs and ECG.

It will react to medical interventions and treatments.

Different SimMan simulators have got different features and are made for different training purposes.

Moreover, since it is a dummy, things are different compared to a real human being. For example, the anatomical places of pulses vary in different SimMan simulators.

Another example is that since heart and lung sounds are generated by speakers, they can sound different in different SimMan simulators.

That is why it is crucial to get trained on the right SimMan.

Unfortunately, many candidates are unsuccessful in passing SimMan stations. The main reason is that either they did not have access to any SimMan to be familiar with or they have been trained on a SimMan which is completely different from the one they will encounter in the real PLAB2 exam.

We are pleased to say that at Common Stations Plab academy, we train you on a SimMan which is exactly the same as what you will see in your exam.

Those who enrol in our educational package will benefit from our supervised SimMan session, at no extra cost.