Common Stations is now able to accommodate its trainee doctors preparing for the PLAB2 exam.
Information about the accommodation is as follows:

1. There are separate buildings for female and male doctors.

2. All utilities, such as gas, electricity, water and taxes are included in the rent you pay.

3. Tenants will enjoy 24-hour high speed Wi-Fi free of charge.

4. All tenants will be OUR trainees, so they are sure to enjoy each others’ company.

5. Each of our buildings is equipped with a shared kitchen and all necessary appliances such as washing machine, iron, refrigerator etc.

6. There will be a regular cleaning service and there is no extra charge for this to the tenants.

7. Rent is comparatively reasonable and affordable for a short stay.
Once you have confirmed your PLAB2 course booking with us, you will receive an accommodation application form along with further details. 

Accommodation spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.