Our Common Stations Educational Package Includes:  
1. Common Stations full course:
In this course all the subjects of history and counselling on medicine, surgery, paediatrics, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynaecology, as well as data interpretation, telephone consultation, safe prescription, communication and interpersonal skills and ethical scenarios such as safeguarding elderly and children (NAI and negligence), domestic violence, breaking a bad news, demanding patients and relatives, difficult colleague, medical error, conflict with a patient or a relative, angry patient, dealing with complaints, how to deal with a patient with learning difficulty, young patient's confidentiality and consent, mental capacity and etc will be covered. 

2. Common Stations online course:
Those who enrol in our PLAB2 course, can also take our online course prior to their full course, at no extra fee. 

3. 16-Station Full Mock Exams:
Our course includes two sets of full in-person Mock exams, each consisting of 16 stations. In the new exam structure, it is crucial to assess your knowledge, skills and abilities in managing different scenarios under pressure, within almost 10 minutes’ time for each station and for 16 consecutive stations. You will also get individual and detailed feedback of your Mock tests, which will reflect all aspects of your performance.

4. Supervised SimMan Session:
Those who attend our PLAB2 course will benefit from our supervised SimMan session, at no extra cost.

We are pleased to announce that at Common Stations PLAB academy, we provide you with a SimMan which is exactly the same as what you will encounter in your PLAB2 exam.

5. Unlimited Practice Facilities:
Those who attend our PLAB2 course, will have access to our practice facilities and will be able to do unlimited Self-Practice at Common Stations PLAB academy every day (including weekends and bank holidays) from 9:00 to 19:00 UK time until they pass their exam, at no extra fee.

6. Face-to-face Advanced Workshops:

Those who have enrolled in our educational package will also benefit from our face-to-face advanced workshops.

These workshops are run by Dr Hamed in the academy regularly.

You can attend our face-to-face advanced workshops after completion of your full course and before your exam, at no extra fee. 

7. Online Study Materials:
Online study materials which cover all aspects of the PLAB2 exam will be sent to our candidates for self-preparation before attending the course.

8. Printed Study Materials:
Printed materials will also be provided on arrival. 

9. Retaking the Course:
Those who have already completed our course and need to repeat their PLAB2 exam, or wish to take our course again for any other reason, are able to retake the full course free of charge and practice in the academy, until they pass the exam.


Common Stations Success Pathway:

What we do for our candidates to be fully prepared for the PLAB2 exam:

1. We will first send them detailed online study materials so they can read on their own before taking the course. This lifts some of the weight of ‘reading’ off their shoulder and as a result they can spend more time on ‘practising’ after the course.

2. They will be having the option of taking our online course, if they wish to, prior attending their full course.

3. They will then attend our full PLAB2 course. The classes include lectures and interactive sessions. Since our course is mainly taught by Dr Hamed himself, during the interactive sessions, he constantly assesses the candidates and identifies their weaknesses and strengths. This enables our candidates to improve their skills and performance in the exam.

4. After completion of our PLAB2 course, the candidates will have their supervised SimMan session.

5. After completion of the full course, the candidates can have unlimited access to our self-practice facilities until their exam. We remain in touch with our candidates after the course so they can ask their questions and clear their doubts. 

6. They will then take their full in-person mock exams, each consisting of 16 stations.


More Information:

  • The course runs from 09:00 AM to 07:00 PM each day.
  • The whole Common Stations educational package fee is £595.
  • Please note that places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
  • It is important to have adequate time for self-study and practice after the online course and physical training.Therefore, we advise our candidates to take their online course at least 3-4 months before their PLAB2 exam. Furthermore, we highly recommend our candidates to attend the academy to participate in physical training at least 4 weeks before their exam.

Common Stations full course dates are as follows:

Batch 7M: 27 May - 09 June 2024 

Batch 7N: 17 June - 30 June 2024 

Batch 7O: 08 July - 21 July 2024

Batch 7P: 29 July - 11 August 2024 

Batch 7Q: 26 August - 08 September 2024 

Batch 7R: 16 September - 29 September 2024

Batch 7S: 07 October - 20 October 2024

Batch 7T: 28 October - 10 November 2024

Batch 7U: 18 November - 01 December 2024

Batch 7V: 09 December - 22 December 2024

Batch 7W: 06 January - 19 January 2025